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About The Company  Glass Masters Boat Repair, LLC  | Bay St. Louis

Glass Masters Boat Repair, LLC is a local, family owned boat repair shop. Robert Gonsoulin, Jr - the company's owner, takes pride in the job he and his brother do. His craft reflects both his work ethic and philosophy of treating his customer's boat as if it were his own.

Robert began his trade in fiberglass boat construction in the late 80's. Building large skiffs for commercial fisherman, he was able to learn and perfect his skills. When the local economy changed, so did the need for commercial boat builders.

Robert took the concepts of mold making and fiberglass construction and applied them to the construction of fiberglass architectural elements. Replacing items previously made with masonry products, Robert learned to create classic shapes and structures with fiberglass.

Robert's skills further evolved during his 10 year employment with Kern Sculpture and Blaine Kern Artists. Seeing his work featured in acclaimed Mardi Gras parades proved satisfying but his love for boat building and repair remained unwavering.

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, there was a greater need for boat repair than ever before. Seizing the opportunity, Robert returned to the craft he loved. As they say the rest is history.  

With the purchase of a new larger shop in Bay St. Louis, Robert, along with his brothers David and  Kenny, have taken Glass Masters farther then we dreamed possible

Do you have a boat that needs a face lift? Don't you deserve a boat that looks like new? Call Robert at Glass Masters. " We are Masters at making your boat look like new."

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